Why eat Protein for Fat loss?

Part I

High Protein Guy2


Never in the history of the human race have we ever seen an epidemic of overweight people in developed countries, like the one that is upon us now. In addition to this, people are coming down with all kinds of ailments and conditions that were virtually unheard of 50 years ago. How can this be possible in a world of constant scientific breakthroughs and ever-evolving technological advances?

Over the past few decades we have seen many diet fads come and go. First it was “low Fat” then “Low carbs”, then “No carbs”.

Your diet does not need to be that complicated; but it is! The problem is a combination of all the foods and drink options that are readily available to you…versus your will power.

So how does one conquer the never-ending cycle of losing the fat and then gaining it back …or, just plain accumulating fat.

It is very helpful if your body is receiving the nutrients that it needs and you are not experiencing intense cravings.

Of course your body needs the vitamins and minerals found in fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts (foods of the earth) but there is a very important food source that will accelerate fat loss and promote/maintain one’s muscle mass.

I know some people are afraid of muscle these days, but muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body consumes from the food you eat (and from stored fat) the byproduct of this combined with the best ab exercises is a lean, sexy wasitline.

So how do you feed your muscles?…….PROTEIN!

High Protein foods1

I am not talking about some yoghurt, grains, quinoa, protein bars or a sandwich with a few then slices of meat. There is always some new seed or food item that is “high in protein” in which you would need to cook and consume 5 full cups of it to actually get enough protein from it. I don’t want to scare any vegetarians out there, but I am talking about MEAT. By “meat” I don’t just mean strictly beef, although a healthy organic source of beef is great for you. I am talking about any source of animal meat (preferably organic). This could be chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, wild game, fish, eggs, etc.. Just trim the visible fat off (if applicable) cook it up and enjoy!

To be continued….”The Research”