“How do I get a six pack”…..does it really matter what exercises that I am doing?


All ab exercises are not created equal. There are many ab workouts that will make your abs stronger and then there are the best ab exercises that will actually make you make your waistline smaller. Of course the best ab exercises will also build abdominal strength and stability.

Spot reduction

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How do I get rid of belly fat? Ok so we all know that you cannot “spot reduce” a certain area in order to tone it up, but there are specific ab exercises you can do that will actually decrease the size of your waistline! This process involves working the specific muscle groups that hold your stomach in place. If these abdominal muscles weak, this can result in a distended stomach or “ponch” as it is often affectionately referred to.

Your most important abdominal muscles 

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The “Inner Unit” muscles of the CORE. 

There is a group of abdominal muscles called the “Inner Unit” which consist of the following: Transverse Abdominals, Multifidus, Pelvic floor and diaphragm. These muscles are responsible in assisting with stabilization, protection and balance for your body on all planes of motion. So not only are they important when looking to decease your waist size they are very important muscles for the body’s functionality.

How do the best ab exercises using these muscles decrease my waistline?

When these muscles of the inner unit are properly conditioned they will eventually draw the abdomen in actually making your stomach smaller. So you don’t have to suck your gut in manually when strolling down the beach….the muscles of the inner unit will do this for you.

Which are the best ab exercises that will help decrease my waistline?

Well there are many, but simply put, if your ab workouts contain the exercises that work the aforementioned “Inner Unit” then you are potentially doing the best ab exercises to flatten your waistline….The best ab exercises are not your classic
ab crunch or situp or many of the popular exercises you watch others perform laboriously in the gym. Many of those exercises are garbage and over develop your abs causing them to bulk out or worse, creating imbalances that can lead to injury.

Below is a link to several of the best ab exercise videos featuring the best ab exercises for a flat stomach: http://100-best-ab-exercises.com/best-ab-exercises/

In summary your abdominal program needs to be balanced and include the best abdominal exercises that will flatten your stomach. You will need to rev up your metabolism to burn off the extra fat that is hiding that six pack of yours (Click HERE for the article on Metabolism). For a complete ab exercise program including 4 levels of abdominal workouts containing the best ab exercises and all the information you will need on lifestyle, diet and cardio check out this website: http://100-best-ab-exercises.com/home/our-products/