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Real Life Testimonials

Reta’s Story – I have tried several other programs before with mixed results, and I can tell you that the 21 Day Fat Flush has been the most effective program to date. I have made it a part of my lifestyle and with the compliments I have received….I never want to stop! I can see my abs and I didn’t have to starve myself..I did it and so can you! *Results may vary from person to person.

Nina’s Story – I was a little skeptical before I first tried the 21 Day Fat Flush program. But once I got started, I was surprised at how at how easy it was to make the lifestyle changes and most importantly, how quickly I lost inches off my waistline! My friends tell me I look 5 years younger! *Results may vary from person to person.

Adrian’s Story – I was working out regularly and tried out a few different programs. I saw some decent results, but I was always chasing those stubborn “last 10 lbs”. I tried the 21 day Fat flush and lost most of those frustrating 10lbs in just 21 days! *Results may vary from person to person.

Why The Complete 21 Day Fat Flush System?

  • Follow the complete program and Lose unwanted belly FAT RAPIDLY *Complete Proven system – Nutrition, Cardio, and the best ab exercises to flatten your stomach
  • Nutrition program that eliminates inflammation and bloating, re-balancing your hormones so your body is finally able to burn off that excess FAT
  • Rev up your metabolism to continue to burn FAT while you are at rest with the time efficient interval cardio program
  • Learn the best ab exercises proven to your flatten your stomach, tone your waistline and reveal your “Inner Six-Pack”
  • No counting calories or starving yourself
  • Short efficient workouts that melt away the belly FAT *No expensive supplements Lose the FAT – keep it off
  • Pay once, never pay again!

How Does The 21 Day Fat Flush System Work?

QUESTION: OK this all sounds great, but what does this program actually entail and what exactly will I be expected to do?

ANSWER:: The complete 21 day Fat Flush System, begins with the corner stone… the 21 Day Fat Flush Diet Handbook. This guide lists all the guidelines that you will follow for the next 21 days. Our Meta balanced ™ meal plans give you the options of WHICH foods you eat for your protein, carbs and Fats and tells you WHEN to eat them for the 21 days.

Our Food lists include the most nutritious foods that are full of macro and micro nutrients that will allow your body to cleanse itself of toxins and burn off the excess fat. When eating in this manner your body will be able to re-set hormonally, and speed up your metabolism to burn more fat in the future. This is the secret to staying lean. The guide includes some sample meal plans as a guideline as well as a free recipe book which you can interchange foods for countless meal options. This program also keys in on the lifestyle component of Fat loss and hormonal repair that will allow you to maintain you results in the long run. There are requirements for rest, as well as information on which foods to avoid and why you will want to avoid them. Following this guide will be the key to your success!

The Exercise component to the program – include two guides that outline in detail the workouts that you will be performing. The first is our 360 Degree Abs program. This program includes the best exercise for tightening your waistline. These workout routines have four levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert, so there is one for everyone. There are over 100 exercises in total, each one of them linked to an instructional video, so you can perform the exercises effectively, safely and correctly. The abdominal workouts are performed for 20 min three times per week.

The second exercise guide is our Fat Furnace Cardio Interval Program, this is a cardio based program that will ramp up your metabolism as the name suggests. These workouts are not long steady state cardio programs where you are stuck on a cardio machine for 30+minutes. These workouts are short and the intensity cycles from easy to difficult every workout. The cardio workouts are 20 min. long and can be performed 3-4 times per week. Interval workouts have been proven to burn much more fat and are very time efficient.

You can do the cardio and ab workouts on the same days of you like.

The bonuses guides include a Recipe book of 10 FAT flushing smoothies that you can enjoy for breakfast, in a pinch or post-workout. There is a 28 Day planner which guides you through scheduling and advance planning outlining all the steps in order to ensure success. Lastly, there is a recipe book with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options. These recipes were created by a professional chef so you will have healthy ingredients and not feel like you are not missing out in the taste department!

What do I do after the 21 Days?!

Many of our clients either continue with the program and see even better results. In the near future we will be introducing a new “21 Day Fat Flush Maintenance Program” where the majority of all the same principles apply but this program allows for “Cheat” meals. That’s right, you can have the foods that you love to eat/drink…..but in moderation. The most effective way to use the program, is to continue to follow as prescribed until you reach your desired goals. At this point you would add in some “Cheat” meals. When your body is functioning optimally it will be able to metabolize or “burn off” the cheat meal as opposed to your body storing the calories on your waistline.

“Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date and current, effective health and fitness tools in an easy to follow program that will help you get the body you deserve! The Complete “21 Day Fat Flush program” was created by Pepe Picco and Craig Boyd. We are two personal trainers from Vancouver Canada who each have 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. During this time we have helped 1,000’s of people achieve their fitness goals. Life involves constant learning and we have sought continual education and learned what methods work best through trial and error. Don’t waste your time and money trying to figure all this out by yourself… Our complete program contains the best ab exercises, a comprehensive nutrition program and an effective time efficient cardio program. All in an easy to follow format and it’s just a “click” away


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied with the program, we’ll give you a full refund within 60 days.

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