Is your cardio routine making you FAT?! This may be the case for many people. Doing endless hours on the treadmill or logging in many miles on the road will cause this. Long cardio sessions cause the release of Cortisol which results in a decrease in active Thyroid and an increase in Estrogen. Estrogen is a fat storing hormone, and lower thyroid function is linked to the loss of lean muscle tissue on your body. This nasty combination will lead to FAT gain and a slower metabolism which will in turn lead to even more FAT gain! Why spend your free time making yourself fat?fat_furnace

Don’t waste your precious time and energy….spend that extra time looking good on the beach!

  • Learn the most effective cardio programs and methods for FAT burning
  • Learn cardio programs that are time efficient, so you can reap better rewards in less time
  • Experience less wear and tear on your body and avoid injury
  • Utilize FAT blasting programs that are short and sweet to avoid boredom and stagnation..or just plain quitting out of  frustration
  • Burn calories while at rest (watching your favorite TV program)

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Disclaimer – actual results vary from person to person, please consult your Doctor or Physician before starting any fitness program to determine if you are ready for exercise. Program not recommended for Pregnant women.