Our 21 day FAT FLUSH handbook contains all the information that you will need to ramp up your metabolism, curb digestive inflammation and stress, reset your hormones and allow your body to start functioning optimally and burning off unwanted fat like it was designed to!

abdominal workouts plan

Learn which foods are…..Full of “empty” calories, that are immediately stored as body fat.

  • Slowing down your fat burning resources (metabolism) up to 75%!!
  • Providing a temporary high stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and igniting the body’s stress responses (Fight or Flight).
  • Tying up your bodies’ resources body instead of burning calories. and making you tired and that feeling of low energy.
  • Raising your blood sugar levels causing insulin release, putting your body into “fat storage” mode further increasing body fat.
  • Full of harmful hormones and antibiotics due to the method in which the food source has been harvested.
  • Causing digestive stress such as inflammation and bloating or immune system over activity. These conditions decrease metabolism which slows down fat burning.,
  • Causing very serious health conditions. **including death in certain individuals.


If it was not around 100 years ago do not eat it!

abdominal workouts plan


Disclaimer – actual results vary from person to person, please consult your Doctor or Physician before starting any fitness program to determine if you are ready for exercise. Program not recommended for Pregnant women.