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Here is a little bit about the creators of the 21 Day Fat Flush program..we are Pepe and Craig, two personal trainers from Vancouver, Canada who have a HUGE passion for fitness so we have developed this complete 360 Degree Abs training system. Our complete system is based on the best Ab exercises, an easy to follow lifestyle and nutrition plan complemented with the RIGHT cardio.

Our programs have helped 1000’s of our clients reach their goals for FAT loss and a toned waistline.

We have gained our knowledge through personal trial and error and each have over 13 years experience in the Health&Fitness industry. This is in addition to our continued education and research in the areas of health and fat loss. Now we would like to share our programs with you!

Let us add you to our list of satisfied clients who have achieved extreme FAT loss resulting in a lean, chiseled and sexy midsection!