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The 21 Day Fat Flush Story

Would you like to lose unwanted Fat in the next 21 days without any supplements and without restricting calories? Well, you can! Read below to learn about the exact system used to get these kinds of results. In fact, I used this system to drop 14 lbs. of stubborn belly fat AND I am a fit personal trainer. While researching fat loss secrets for our clients two personal trainers stumbled upon a secret that literally melts stubborn belly fat off the people who follow it; even those who have tried before to lose weight and failed.

The 21 Day Fat Flush program was created in response to a burning question. “How do I get a six pack? “ As a trainer that was probably the number one thing that my clients wanted. Even for myself, I was fit, ate well and did core exercises yet my mid section did not have a rippling six-pack. Like many of you I thought more exercise was the answer. For me, it was more cardio. I already weight trained 3-4 x per week and regularly did core exercises.  So the answer had to be: do more cardio to burn off the fat and there will be the six-pack.

So off I went in search of more cardio. One of my lifelong goals had been to complete an Ironman ™ triathlon. Secretly, I figured all the cardio would deliver the secondary goal of eliminating the fat from my waistline as well. During the year leading up to Ironman Canada in 2009 I kept up with my weight training 2-3x per week and ate a healthy diet (or so I thought)and added in up to 20 hours per week of cardio-vascular training in the form of running, cycling and swimming. The result? The lowest body fat percentage since I was 19, but still fat deposits around my waistline. In fact all of the fat had burned off the rest of my body except my waistline. I was frustrated! I am sure you can relate. However, the lesson was learned. Cardio was not the answer. But what was the answer. Why did my body keep the fat around my waistline yet burn the rest off?

That was it; I had to find the answer. My business partner Pepe and I looked for the answers. We knew if we could figure out this mystery many people would be interested in the answer.

It’s not your fault! The fitness industry and magazines seem only interested in selling you expensive and often dangerous supplements. I knew those were not part of the solution. The result:  21 Day Fat Flush was born. Finally a Meta-balanced ™ eating plan to re-vitalize your metabolism causing your body to burn more calories at rest. An Abdominal training protocol that chose only the best abdominal exercises for flattening your stomach and shrinking your waistline. And a lifestyle program that gets your body to finally burn off fat….more specifically stubborn belly fat.

The answer was not obvious but we finally figured out the mystery. I was doing more exercise but was my body primed to burn fat. Obviously not! But why not? Fat burning is a specific scientific process your body undertakes. Your hormones need to be balanced and your liver needs to be available. We discovered the nutrition and lifestyle plan that would get your hormones balanced and your body and liver finally able to burn off the fat. Some of the “healthy “ foods I had been eating were causing water retention and bloating.  The nutrition protocol we created eliminated those foods that were fighting against my goals of a lean waistline and replaced them with foods that would be helping strip the fat. These are small changes that do not require foods that can’t be found in any grocery store.

So when the program was finally ready in 2012, it was time to put it to the test! The first subject was me. I no longer had time for 20 hours of cardio, I now had two young children so the workouts had to be time efficient and fit in my work day at the gym. I followed the program and lost an incredible 14 lbs! including 7cm cm from my waist and 15 mm of pinchable fat. It worked! Now we just needed more subjects. Next we sent out an email calling for volunteers to try out the 21 Day Fat Flush Program, the 360 Degree Abs Training Program and Metabolic Furnace interval cardio program. I got 40 applicants for the 10 spots in the first hour. In total 140 people applied for the spots. We ended up expanding from the original 10 spots to 20. The results were very impressive. Everyone shed weight, fat and bloating especially from their abdominals. In 21 days…the average person lost 4.3 lbs of FAT, and 5 cms from their waist and 25 mm of FAT in a 4 site body fat pinching test. The top male lost 11 lbs and the top female lost 6 lbs!

Click here to see the “Before” and “After” pictures from that test group. The results were amazing and remember this was in only 21 days. The people who went on to follow the program lost more weight and fat from their waistlines. Finally a product that solves the mystery of flattening your stomach and toning your abs while simultaneously stripping the fat.

In fact the program is so popular we now get paid by large corporations to teach the nutrition protocol to their staff. In the last 21 day corporate challenge we had one investment banker lose 17 lbs, and another dropped 4 pant sizes. These results speak for themselves!

If a trainer can be confused by what to do to lose that stubborn fat from your waistline, so can you, it’s not your fault! However, the answer is now here.

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Disclaimer – actual results vary from person to person, please consult your Doctor or Physician before starting any fitness program to determine if you are ready for exercise. Program not recommended for Pregnant women.